Software Architect Services - Free Initial Consultation

Coding and Testing

Do you have some especially difficult work that you cannot do on your own?  Let us help.

Project Assessment

Is your software project viable?  Does it need to be refactored?  What project actions will keep you on time and on budget?  We have a 33 point project assessment we can work with you on and make recommendations for your team.

Architecture Assessment

Is your project designed correctly?  Is the design correctly diagrammed and documented?  We can analyze over 100 areas of potential problems and clean up a software design for you.

Performance Optimization

Is the performance of your application or system less than expected?  We can determine the root causes of the performance problems and get your project back on track.

Developer Assessment

Do you suspect that a developer on your team is not carrying their own weight?  We can take a look at their work together to help you make a retention decision.

Code Analysis

Is the code you have written actually good and consistent with best practices?  We can help you figure that out.