About Me

My name is Joe Francis.  I am a software development Director and Architect.  I have 26 years of experience working in and leading Microsoft platform projects, mainly in financial technologies, at Fortune 500 companies.  I was previously a US Army Captain leading 115 men and served with the 82nd Airborne Division.  

I'll be a software development leader for the rest of my life because I love it.  My success has mainly been related to mentoring and training groups of Microsoft platform developers into solid and cohesive teams.  In particular, I am accustomed to blending mixed teams of US and offshore development into a single organization.  

I have an absolute lifelong passion for anything related to software development, especially with .NET.  My personal technical specialties are cloud, performance analysis, scalability, security, system integration, and object-oriented design.

Why Blogging?

I just want to give something back to the software development community and help others benefit from my experience.  You can change the world if you are approaching software architecture and design the right way, but they don't teach that in school.  

Blogging also helps me maintain and improve my own skills.

Work Together?

I can be engaged in limited consulting and assistance for $60 an hour.  I do have a real job, but make about 20 hours per week free for other engagements.  See the "Services" page for further details.